Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hoover Schmoover

Recently I've become extremely inspired to start making my house a well-oiled, neat and tidy, inviting, stylish, inviting home. At present it is, for want of a better term, a state.

It's not filthy. It's not dirty or even grubby or unclean. It is full. It is busy. "We have pockets of 'busy' that threaten to take over the whole house", as my husband would say.

I want to use this blog to document my attempt at making my house tidier, more oganised and more home-ly so I can get the best out of it and take pride in coming home and resting in amongst our tidy fabulousness instead of thinking "that pile of stuff is going to fall on me, no one will be around, and I will die, trapped forever under a pile of Empire and iD magazines, and they will say 'I imagined she would go like this'."

Whether or not I succeed is anyone's guess, but hey, at the very least you're going to get to see pictures of a slovenly lazy girl's house, so that in itself will be a bit of a thrill, right?



  1. thrillz. Actually, our house is the same. I'm sick of the busy. But I like to keep things.. What would you say your biggest causes of mess are? Mine would rank.. 1.clothes 2. paperwork 3. dishes, even after washing up,, what's with that!?

    1. Paperwork is a big one of mine, and dishes DEFINITELY, after the washing up too! We are mess twins. I know I shouldn't aspire to have a house that looks really clinical and like a House & Garden magazine shoot but it is satisfying having everything in its right place. I like doing room by room too.

      Clothing isn't too bad now I've done that big cull and I'm just having to be really strict with myself about putting things away. The coffee table in our front room is my nemesis. I keep it clear and then it just seems to get COVERED with ~~stuff~~ and I GENUINELY don't know how?! It's not fair!

    2. Perhaps our cats do the messing up.. Yep. It's their fault.