Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hey! We're going to I-kee-yah!

We've been busy little beans today!  The cats woke us up at 6am for their food, standing on our heads and chewing our hands, fun! So after an Alka-Seltzer for Rob and some granola and a cuppa for me, we set off mega early to Ikea to buy some bits! We were one of the first ones in the car park which meant we had time for a cheeky Ikea breakfast before browsing and then shopping!

I wanted a wheeled rack for our towels, and a shoe holder for our hallway.  We also ended up buying picture frames, three sets of bedding, a new coffee table, a door mat, a toilet roll holder, a soapdish and a soap dispenser.  They were all things we really needed though..... Kinda.

Rob put the shoe organiser together and the hallway's already looking so much better to me!  Now all I have to do is deep clean the floor using a chemical free cleaner which is pretty much just white vinegar and water, I'll add a couple of drops of essential oil or washing-up liquid too.  I want to see my face in that hallway floor and I won't rest until I do!

Here's the link to the chemical free household cleaning recipes, and some pics of our hallway, and one of our gorgeous new coffee table that I want to run away and marry.... don't tell Rob.

Non-toxic cleaning solutions! ]

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  1. oh lolololololololol. I love that I can type that and actually, I'm not laughing at you, just saying your name.
    Marco always told me that he knew a girl called lol, before lol was even invented. LOL

    I just got your message on IG because I forgot your URL from last night. Thank you, vureh kind.

    As for homemaking, I LOVE this shoe thing. We need one. Looks a good size for a hallway too.. INSPIREDDD!!