Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One Week To A New Closet... Wardrobe... Whatever

I have some wardrobe staples. They include three worn-to-death pairs of jeans, countless random tee-shirts and some very worn out Adidas shelltoes, with a hoodie or a cardigan maybe. I don't really wear much else. I have a few pretty dresses but always end up wearing the same thing, and definitely wasn't getting the best out of my MOUNTAIN OF CLOTHES (see above).

I found a great link on Pinterest below: One Week To A New Closet, that I undertook last month and it worked great guns. I've still got to do the 'Get Creative' and 'Get Organised' bits but for the most part, I'm there. I got everything off my clothing rails and out of my drawers and set to work.

First I wanted to put away my winter clothes (and my height-of-summer barely there string vests and boob tubes, there will be no need for those this year judging by recent weather), so I got a suitcase and put all my woolly huge jumpers inside to be tucked away until next winter. This freed up loads of space straight away - things are looking good.

Then I became ruthless. I separated all the clothes I hardly wear, that don't fit, that don't suit my style anymore, and I donated them all. I have some jeans that saw me through uni and fit me amazingly.... when I was in Uni. That was ten years ago Lol. Give it up. Getting rid of all the stuff that wasn't needed anymore was SO satisfying and gave me a smug glow.

Then with the items that made the vicious cull, I followed the instructions to the letter and colour coded my stuff. I started with skirts, then dresses, then long sleeved tops/jumpers/hoodies, then coats, all colour coordinated in ROYGBIV of course. This is all stuff I wear rarely so they're on the back bedroom clothes rail.

On my main bedroom clothing rail I put sleeveless tops (regular vests included), then tee-shirts, then cardigans/shirts (anything that you have to button up), then trousers/jeans, then my work pants and shirts (mmmmmm uniform). All the vests, tees and cardigans are in colour order too which makes it easier to pick out, say, a plain tee shirt with a colourful cardigan, whereas before I would just grab the first thing to hand without thinking about it.

I also have a real issue with THROWING CLOTHES ON THE FLOOR. It's gross but I never put things away.... until now. I got to thinking as I stood with a barely-worn tee-shirt in my hands, if you hang this back up right now.... then it's done. It was light a lightbulb exploding in my head. "If I do things in the moment, I WON'T have to spend all weekend clearing a mound of half-worn clothes and washing things I don't need to. Huzzahhh!" Maybe other people have had this worked out since, oh, BIRTH, but this is a big thing for me. I love my new tidy wardrobe!

Source: via Lol on Pinterest


  1. ROYGBIV-ordering for the win. I have to do me one of these culls. It's the only way to save my wardrobe. I'm definitely guilty of lining my carpet with clothes too. My boyfriend complains but I counteract with the argument, "It's INSULATION," & then he shuts up. For a bit.

    1. Insulation is GENIUS. I'm stealing that for future relapses.