Sunday, 22 April 2012

Organising Bedsheets! Thrilling!

With our towels itching to get in their new towel rack, we thought it best to organise our Ottoman in our main bedroom, which currently contains a mish-mash of towels and a million bedsheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.  We separated them up and I got to ironing the bedsheets.  Well, I ironed three sets then got really bored and just ironed the pillowcases.  I saw an amazing pin on Pinterest where you put the bed set into one pillowcase so you can find the sets easily.  Apparently my mum has been doing this for ages!  Hark at her!


  1. Good organising day for you!!!
    I REALLY REALLY want an ottoman, I have so many sheets to put in it.

    However, I'm sensing that you need another one judging by the sheets on the top?

    Oh Lol, you have inspired me, I have today been tidying our bedroom. I hate that room so much, it's always a pain to tidy.

    GO LOL'Z MUM! Mum's probably go all high horse with Pinterest... Pinterest is the equivalent of a modern day girl'z grandma. Almost... you get me.

    1. Nah the sheets on the top are my example of how neat and lovely bedsheets look when they're all tucked nice and neat in a pillowcase! BOOYAH!

      What have you been organising? Stacking boxes are my main help, I have one for stationery, one for hats/gloves/earmuffs/scarves/seasonal accessories, one for crafty things etc. It's all about compartmentalising. Yeah that's a word! x