Sunday, 15 April 2012

Our Bathroom

So, this is our bathroom, before and after. When we moved in the previous owner had just left everything as it was, shampoo, soap, towels etc. Crazy! We ripped everything out (bath,
toilet, sink, all the tiles and floor tiles too) and my husband, dad and uncle spent a glorious weekend re-fitting the entire bathroom like total champs!

Cleaning tasks for the bathroom include:
  • wash bathmats and hand towels weekly
  • deep clean the sink, windowsill, bath, showerhead and loo weekly
  • sweep and mop the floor and empty the tiny bin fortnightly
  • clean and polish the toiletries stand, toothbrush holder and soapdish monthly
  • wash the shower curtain in the washing machine, and wash the walls every six months
We still need to paint the ceiling and re-seal it a little bit round the edges (as seen in the pic of the shower), I also want to re-paint our main bathroom door and re-hang it. That's on our projects list which is becoming as unwieldy as a gigantic sword (that was my husband's analogy).

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